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Events of 2007

Fri., Dec. 21. Solstice Show with Raven and guest dancers. Live music with Dunyah and Wayne Omar of Americanistan. Cafe Mundo, Newport OR.
Christmas Eve, Mon., Dec. 24. Saturday Market's Holiday Market. Americanistan and Razia close the Market for the umptieth time. Always fun and revelry at the climax of the Market! Lane County Fairgrounds.
New Year's Eve, Mon., Dec. 31, Americanistan and Luminessah perform music of the Middle East and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance at Iraila Mediterranean Rustica, Eugene. 541-684-8400.
Dec. 8. "Musical Lights for Peace" Hannukah party and performance with Americanistan, Jonathan Seidel, and Rob Tobias. Washington Park Clubhouse, Eugene. Sponsored by OrahaGan.
Sat. Nov. 10, Belly Dance Workshops,
"Don't Panic! Learn to Make Dancing to Live Music a Pleasure, not a Pain," with Dunyah,Wayne Omar  and Janet Naylor of Americanistan. Updated, including how musicians can play for live dancers! Sponsored by Cira of RJ Dance Studios, Salem, OR. 
Sat. Nov. 10. Belly Dance Show with Cira, Dunyah and others, with live music by Americanistan. India Palace Restaurant, Salem.
Sat. Nov. 17. Americanistan & Luminessah perform at Iraila Mediterranean Rustica, Eugene.
Sat. Oct. 27. Americanistan, Jamara, and Luminessah at Luna. This was an incredible evening, with a big juicy full moon and mystical comet presiding over the festivities from above, and the Halloween spirit in the air. The place was packed, the audience was ready for a good time and so were we. Luminessah sparkled, both in their group dances and in their solos. Jamara was a little package of dynamite and her spooky Halloween dance was awesome. The music rocked that night, everyone was "on."
Oct. 4-20 2007. Shakespeare's "King Lear" at Lane Community College, featuring music and sound effects by Janet Naylor, Wayne Gilbertson, and Dunyah of Americanistan (among others). We really enjoyed the play and were impressed by this production. And it was a thrill to hear ourselves in the soundtrack. "Your music came off beautifully in KING LEAR. Thank you very very much for the use of it." Judith Roberts, Artistic Director
Sat. Oct. 20. MEDGE Fall Festival. Dunyah soloed and Americanistan, Jamara, and Luminessah presented a special preview of their upcoming show at Luna Jazz Club Cozmic Pizza, The Strand, 8th & Charnelton, Eugene. 
Sat. Oct. 13. Dunyah performed at the Gypsy Circle Belly Dance Studio's "Fall Festival of Belly Dance, A Habitat for Humanity Oregon Fundraiser."  Lebanon, OR.
Fri. Oct. 12. Americanistan and Luminessah perform at Iraila Mediterranean Rustica's 4th Anniversary Celebration.
Sat. Sept. 22. "An Evening in Casablance." Americanistan performed at the annual Gala Benefit for Ballet Fantastique. Territorial Winery tasting room, 907 W. 3rd, Eugene. I got back from the Hurdy Gurdy Festival just in time to join the band for a little while at this event. Sadly, I missed seeing one of the beautiful male ballet dancers perform an impromptu belly dance to our live music. Darn!
Tues. Sept 11. Americanistan & Maha Khawajja present a Muslim song at the Interfaith Service, First Christian Church, 1166 Oak. Sponsored by Two Rivers Interfaith Ministries. Every month since October of 2001, on the 11th of each month, people have gathered at First Christian Church, 1166 Oak Street, Eugene, Oregon, to share in a common desire to create understanding through worship. At times, attendance for these events has swelled to more than 500.
Sun. Sept 9. Health & Well Being Stage. Americanistan & Luminessah perform. Songs, music, tribal fusion bellydance.
Sun. Sept 9. Eugene Celebration Roving Performances: Americanistan and Luminessah perform tribal style music and belly dance.
Sat. Sept 8. Saturday Market Stage of Eugene Celebration.  Americanistan, Sabine, Jamara, Jeannie and Tribalation! This is always one of our favorite shows of the year. Great audience. Wonderful show, the music sounded great, Tribalation! rocked, of course. Sabine, Jeannie and Jamara each did solos that were completely different but complementary. All in all, a great show!
Sat. Aug 11. Wayne Omar and Dunyah of Americanistan perform at Mystical Oasis Belly Dance Studio Hafla. Sutherlin, Oregon. Sponsored by Mezdulene.
Fri. July 27. Dunyah, Elisa Gamal, Razia, and others perform at the monthly MEDGE show at The Strand, Cozmic Pizza Stage, Eugene.
Thurs. July 19. Americanistan performed at a benefit dinner for Mobility International, in honor of special guest delegates from Bahrain. Downtown Athletic Club, Eugene. This was very special because the Arabic guests knew every song we played and they joined in with clapping, singing and a little dancing. Mobility International is all about empowering people with physical disabilities and the atmosphere was powerful - electric and positive.
Sat-Sun July 14-15. Gypsy Stage, Oregon Country Fair.  Americanistan with belly dancers Jamara, Gypsy Fire, and Luminessah. Americanistan musicians Dunyah and Wayne Omar joined the Gypsy Stage House Band all weekend for some awesome sets of music and dance by the Gypsy Stage House Dancers, including Aziza of Montreal, Zoe of the Indigo, Yemaya of Costa Rica,  Claudia of Portland, OR , Elena Villa and Inanna of Eugene, OR. More about the OCF here.
Fri. July 13.  Live music, belly dancing by Angelina, Luminessah, Janikea and more. The magical ambience of Fern Ridge Lake and Happy Campers from the Oregon Country Faire. Zumwalt Park.
Fri. June 15. Dunyah, Inanna, Razia, Elena Villa and others perform at the monthly MEDGE show at the Cozmic Pizza Stage. The Strand, 800 Charnelton St., Eugene.
Sun. June 17.  Father's Day at Iraila Mediterranean Rustica with Americanistan & Luminessah. Inside Humble Bagel dining room, 24th & Hilyard, Eugene.
Sat. Jun 9. Dunyah, Rachel George, Fatima, Mezdulene and others in Spectacular Evening Show with Pangia at Belly Dancer USA Competition, Seven Feathers Convention Center, Canyonville, Oregon. Sponsored by Mezdulene and Jareeda Magazine.
Sat. May 26. Dunyah, Wayne Omar and Janet Naylor of Americanistan perform Jewish music with Beth Miriam Rose & Friends. Saturday Market , Eugene, Oregon.
May 18, Dunyah and others perform at the MEDGE show, The Strand, 8th & Charnelton, Eugene.
 May 20, Willamette Valley Folk Festival, Dunyah, Wayne Omar and Janet Naylor of Americanistan perform Jewish music with Beth Miriam Rose & Friends. Second Stage, hosted by Pete LeVelle of the Eugene Folklore Society. Cuthbert Ampitheatre, Eugene, Oregon. Free.
May 9, 
Dunyah, Razia and others perform at the Corvallis Belly Dance Performance Guild show at the Old World Deli, 341 SW 2nd, Corvallis, Oregon. (541) 752-8549. 
May 5, Dunyah & Wayne Omar of Americanistan provide live music for Susan & Friends belly dancing at Alexander's Greek Cuisine, Roseburg.
Apr. 28. Saqra's Showcase. The band played for ten dancers, including the fabulous Saqra herself. Dunyah danced in the festival in the same hour as Razia, Magidah, Cassiopeia and Rachel George! It was a hot set. Our live music set was awesome as well, with some of our favorite dancers, including Maya, Karla, and others. It was fun to reconnect with old friends and the shopping was excellent too.
Apr. 22. Peace on Earth Day. Sponsored by the Eugene Mid-East Peace Group. Wonderful speakers, excellent food, Bhangra dancing and live music with Americanistan. We were joined by the wonderful singers Beth Miriam Rose for several Jewish songs and Maha Khawajja for several songs in Arabic.
Feb. 18. Asian Celebration Main Stage, Lane Events Center, Eugene. Americanistan, Luminessah,  & Dalia. Video clip and photos here!
Feb. 14. Valentine's Day Show  with Luminessah & Americanistan. Iraila Mediterranean Rustica.
Feb. 10.  Mystical Oasis Bellydance Festival & Show. Oakland, Oregon. Evening show with live music by Americanistan. We had a really great time at the festival. Dunyah danced and the band played for the evening show. The audience was warm and the dancers were "on." So was the band! We are having fun with our new davul (BIG drum) and also with our unique mixture of traditional, tribal and music from the soul. Yeah! See photos here.
Jan. 7. Live music, belly dancing and Greek cuisine! Dunyah & Wayne Omar of Americanistan, Susan & Friends Alexander's Greek Restaurant, 214 Jackson St., Roseburg, OR.

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