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What Dancing to Live Music workshop participants are saying:

"I have been dancing for over thirty years and this is one of the best workshops I've ever taken... I felt like Dunyah and Americanistan really wanted me to learn their method." --Maya, workshop participant 

"My two cents....loved it but think we could make the workshop 3 hours easily. What about combining with musicians to do a double whammy...."how to dance to live music and play music for live dancers." --Julie C., workshop organizer, Bend, OR

"I'd taken this same workshop several years ago in Corvallis, but really enjoyed a chance to do it again, [it] was a totally new  & fresh class.  I especially liked:
        'Fall-back' moves to use while thinking of the next part to improvise.
         The combinations as we danced in a circle, coming together with the music & feeling  like a cohesive group!
         Demonstrating different rhythms and how to use them, fast and slow.
         Wayne & Janet showing the various instruments while we sat down for a break.
         Being open & asking for what the students wanted to learn."  --Kathleen, workshop participant

"Loved being able to interact with the musicians and get that point of view.  I've taken another workshop for dancing with live music, but the band wasn't involved...

I also liked learning a little more about the different rhythms and hearing them in different types of music, and being able to try out dancing to them.

It was helpful to learn a safety combination, made it much easier to dance spontaneously knowing that I had something to fall back on.

The balinaat* [sic] was fun, I thought it was a great way to start the show." 
--Tracy, workshop participant

"1.  I loved having live music - which, of course, was essential for that type of workshop.
  2.  It wasn't overcrowded
  3.  Learning about the instruments
  4.  Dunyah's dancing to demonstrate type of moves for different rhythms 

I hope Americanistan returns to Bend soon!"
--Laureen, workshop participant 

"Music at the evening show was interesting and varied, despite having only 3 Americanistan members.  Probably 'cause Wayne has so many wind instruments in his repertoire.  And many thanks to Janet for bringing the harp along with the kanun  -- a very special & rare experience for me being
able to dance with harp music!"
--- Kathleen .C., workshop participant.

"I liked the intimate setting. I felt much more comfortable dancing at that event than the first time I danced with them, I think because we were with the band the whole time. Last time, there was a workshop unrelated to the show, and so I had little to no time to interact with the band ahead of time. I had a great time, and hope that they can come back again soon!" --Anonymous, workshop participant

 "I really enjoyed the workshop.  The only thing I'd change is to maybe start earlier so we have time to do the taqseem (sp?).  It was interesting to learn about the types of music beats and instruments, it increases my understanding of the dance." --Anonymous, workshop participant

*Note: "Bal Anat" is a term used for an easy choreography that includes any number of dancers in the opening or  finale to a show. Bal Anat was originally the name of Jamila Salimpour's legendary troupe, but this choreography is not based on any of the troupe's dances.