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Christmas chant

Some of the instruments of Americanistan
l-r: Dumbek, tar drum, clarinet, oud, kanoon, Egyptian tabla, riqq, baglama saz, harmonium

In addition to shows and workshops, our musicians are available for studio work for film, plays, radio, etc. Our aim is to create the exotic, ethnic sounds you are after, on your time line. All of our musicians are adept at improvisation and we also compose. We can play anything from authentic ethnic tunes to music that creates a mood.
These are some of the instruments we play. Click the links to hear a short sample in MP3 format. These clips will play on Windows Media Player or on Quicktime player.
Samples of kanoon, Celtic harp, silver flute and female vocals coming soon!
Updated 1/2/09

Chant with Sruti Box
Cumbus Saz Pronounced "joom-bush." Sometimes called the Turkish Banjo
Dumbeks (Arabic Tabla and Turkish Dumbek w/Tambourine inside)
Dumbek (Arabic Tabla) and Frame Drums. Excerpt from "Americano" on our Mosaic CD.
Duduk (Armenian Folk Horn--heard in the soundtrack of the Passion of the Christ) No reverb added, it just sounds like this.
Gypsy Clarinet Loud--you might want to turn down the volume a bit.
Gypsy Clarinet with Dumbeks Turkish style, 9/8 rhythm
Harmonium East Indian acoustic keyboard instrument Quiet clip, turn the volume back up for best sound.
Mediterranean Bagpipes North African-style pipes
Native American Flute Called siyotanka in the Sioux language
Ney with Frame Drum. Also called nai. Excerpt from N'Etana, on the Mosaic CD.
Ney with Sruti Box End-blown flute, also called nai. Sruti box is a drone instrument from India.
Oud Arabic lute. Sometimes spelled ud.
Quena South American flute
Riqq Arabic tambourine
Saz A favorte of Sufi musicians. Called bouzuq by the Egyptians
Sipsi Egyptian folk horn
Zurna Loud folk horn, ancestor of the oboe. A "screamer." You might want to turn down the volume!