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From the Eugene Weekly 12/18/03:

Our two new CDs, "Mosaic" and "Journey East" were reviewed in the 12/18/03 edition of the Eugene Weekly by Brett Campbell, World Music critic. We were one of only five regional bands to be featured in his annual article on "Homegrown Music." He wrote:

"Two evocative new discs by popular local ensemble Americanistan, whom you may have heard at Holiday Market or performing with bellydancers around town--offer a choice of moods. First, inspired by music from Turkey, Israel, Morocco, and neighboring regions, "Mosaic" is a harmonium- and percussioni-driven album whose mix of original and traditional tunes can accompany dance routines--you can practically see the bellies bouncing.

"Journey East" is all original, acoustic music intended to accompany yoga, dance or movement meditation, inspired by full moon gatherings held in various churches, gardens, and other sacred spaces. I could have done without the echo effect and nature sounds on a couple tracks, but they probably add to the appeal for New Age types. The musicians (Wayne and Denise Gilbertson, Janet Naylor, Tina Dreisbach, David Helfand and David Wilson) deploy a rich array of sounds--harmonium, kanoon, dumbek and various other percussion, flutes, mandocello, occasional vocal chants, and more in albums that should appeal to fans of world music."

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