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Christmas chant
Enjoy these photos of some of our shows. These beautiful dancers are the visual representation of the music. Raks Sharki, or Belly Dance, is sometimes termed SITA, for Solo, Improvisational, Torso Articulated Dance. The isolations of different parts of the body, and the torso articulations, are qualities that distinguish this dance from Western forms. The traditionally improvisational nature of the dance reflects the tradition of improvisation, or taqsim, in Arabic & Turkish music. Dancers must understand the rhythms and express the qualities of the melody as well. In performance, a great dancer connects to the music, to her body, to her emotions, and to the audience.

Razia, Zahra, & Kids Enjoying the Music
Belly dancers Razia, Zahra, and Friends
Saturday Market 2002. Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Beautiful posture and line, ballet training
The Fabulous Angela Palmer

Naia, Asian Celebration 2000
Naia's Belly Dance Flows Like Water
Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Beautiful Zahra
Beautiful orange belly dance costume suits her
Asian Celebration 2000. Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Janet Naylor with kanoon
Janet plays kanoon
Photo by Fred Herinckx

David "Pan" Wilson
David looking very well-behaved
Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Americanistan 2003
Drumming in the Garden
Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Al Jawhara
Al Jawhara trained first in Ballet
Asian Celebration, 2000. Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Tribal Belly Dance duet by Sabine & Dunyah
Sabine & Dunyah at a MEDGE show, c. 2000

Americanistan at Rajjahan Reunion Show
Banana Warehouse

Sabine's Sword Dance
Sabine's Awesome Tribal Sword Dance
Asian Celebration, 2001. Photo by Jeanine Ethridge

Sabine, Flying Skirts & Awesome Sword
Tribal Belly Dancer Sabine
Asian Celebration, 2001. Photo by Jeanine Ethridge